Happy Friday! 

This week’s Style Finds were all centered on creating an everyday ensemble that embodied the nautical theme. Often times when people think about this trend, they picture large anchors and bold stripes that aren’t always flattering. However, these pieces are all simple, sleek and subtle enough that they culminate in a low key but high style look. 

On Monday the Style Find was all about sunglasses. Every summer look needs a pair of shades and this Stella McCartney pair are the perfect combination of tortoise and cat-eye. 

On Tuesday it was time to reveal the nautical dress, a subtle and flowy striped number that exudes an effortless yet chic vibe. The loose fit and light color makes this trend more fun and casual. 

On Wednesday it was time to add a layer to this look without overheating. In the summer is can be hard to layer because it is so hot and you do not want to feel constrained or uncomfortable. A lightweight denim vest is a great solution because it adds another element of style without leaving you sweltering.

Finally, on Thursday the look was complete with a simple and structured cross body bag. This style is perfect for summer because it forces you to think less is more. Instead of piling everything into a large tote, you can try to downsize and only bring the essentials. This look is an easy way to stay stylish and comfortable in the summer heat, however all of these pieces are also great summer staples to mix and match with. --Carly