STYLE PROFLE- Zankhna Parekh

Today's STYLE PROFILE features Zankhna Parekh, clothing designer and lovely new friend of mine. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Zankhna a couple of weeks ago in Raleigh, NC. Like myself, Zankhna has worked in the healthcare industry for many years and has made the switch to the world of fashion. It was inspiring to hear her story and journey about finding and following her passion to be a fashion designer and entrepreneur. 

Zankhna caters to on-the-go mothers who want to be effortlessly stylish and on trend. With her designer’s eye, she can help accentuate and flatter curves and hide problem areas that as moms, we all seem to have. Her clothes are fashion forward and socially conscious – she does not use animal products, and she makes ensures employees receive a fair wage.

Check out her collection here.

Name: Zankhna Parekh 
Current Title/Company: Zankhna Parekh
Location: Raleigh-Durham NC 

1. What does a typical day look like for you?

 A typical day for me consists of starting work after I drop my kids off to school which is around 9am.  I check emails, orders from the day before and also catch up on all fashion news and celebrity news as that helps me shape my blog posts and social media posts for the day.  I also talk to the manufacturer multiple times in the morning to make sure pieces that are in production are of excellent quality and completed in a timely fashion.  By mid-afternoon, I start working on media requests as that is a never ending pit it seems.  I stop work by 3pm since I have to pick up my kids but I typically do some work right after 8pm once the kids are in bed.

2. How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is very modern and contemporary.  I have a knack for trends but I make them age appropriate and classy.  I try to be in great shape as well, but my dressing style is very modest.  I am big on dresses, which is very surprising since I did not wear my first dress till I was 21 years old since I was such a tomboy growing up.   You will rarely find me “not dressed’ up even when I am with my kids.  Jeans are more of a winter outfit for me.

3. What are your favorite items in your wardrobe and why? 

Maxi dresses are one of my favorite go-to outfits.  They are flattering, sexy and dressed up.  It takes a few seconds to slip one on and may even make you want to put some makeup on. I also love short summer dresses and a simple tank top with a scarf.

4. Do you have any style or beauty secrets to share? 

Most women especially mom’s let themselves go and do not realize how little time it takes to “look” well put together.  A simple scarf over a white tee or tank top makes you look so trendy.  It takes less time slipping a maxi dress on instead of sweat pants and looks so much more appealing.  A statement necklace immediately becomes the focus of attention and bright lipstick makes you look like you just had a visit with your dentist and got your teeth whitened.  Its is these simple two minute secrets that can help all of us look well put together and feel beautiful inside and out!

5. How do you spend your "me" time?

I went to a women’s empowerment retreat in Florence earlier this year and it is one of the things we focused on since every person needs that especially women entrepreneurs who wear many hats.  I have gotten much better about powering off after 8pm, and when I am with my kids, I make sure I am fully present.  I keep weekends free for my family but above all, I also take 45 min every day to work out.  It helps me set the tone for my day and I am able to handle stress a lot better.  But above all, I try to take family vacations as well need to energize and rejuvenate.

6. What is the most important thing you have learned through running your own business? 

Finding a balance.  Not only between personal and family time, but also when to do more and when to stop.  There will always be more to do and more to get done, but keeping your eyes on your goal and deciding when to do more and when to stop is key.  Sometimes reevaluating your goals and which direction to put more effort in is also a quality that may help or break your business.

7. What is your mantra?

Have fun in whatever your do.  When the passion fades and you ‘hate what you love doing’, then it becomes a chore.  As much as I love fashion and what I do, I have to be sure that when it becomes “not fun” or arduous, I am losing sight of the shore. 

Style Profile is a bi monthly style column featuring creative and talented entrepreneurs and business owners. I feature the stylish women behind these successful businesses and brands, their personal style, and share a glimpse into their typical work day.