What To Wear: Summer Concert

The summer is the perfect opportunity to take time and enjoy the little things. Whether you are heading to the National Portrait Gallery sculpture garden to catch jazz in the park or you spending a night at the 9:30 club to take in a show, you want to look great. For summer concerts it is crucial to strike the balance between stylish and low-key. You want to create a look that is somewhat formal, depending on your venue, but nonetheless effortlessly chic. Above all you are going out to enjoy yourself and enjoy a show, so you want your ensemble to be conducive to a relaxing and enjoyable time.

A perfect way to go about dressing for a summer concert is to choose a bold pair of tailored shorts and pair them with a casual tank top, a fitted blazer and then finish the look off with a statement ankle strap shoe. This combination is great because the tailored pieces create a more formal feel, while the bold print and casual top strike a balance of fancy and comfortable. If you want a more relaxed feel to your ensemble opt for a pair of strappy sandals, however if you want to create a more formal look choose an ankle strap heel to add some elevation. Top off your look with a few pops of gold from your favorite bangles and then grab your favorite slouchy leather clutch for a look that will ensure a comfortable and chic night out to any venue.- Carly