How To: Allison Williams' Golden Globe Makeup

With award season beginning and the Golden Globes on last weekend; it got me really excited about all of the amazing fashion and beauty looks to come! Sunday night’s red carpet was filled with amazing smokey eyes, perfect nude lips, and some gorgeous wavy hair (both retro and beachy). One of my favorite beauty looks was worn by Allison Williams. Her dramatic, cool toned smokey eye, slightly darker nude lip, glowy skin, and retro waves were stunning. For this week’s post I thought it would be fun to share some of the products I would use to re-create her glamorous look. I used both higher and lower end products (with the exception of the foundation - I could never stray from Armani’s amazing Luminous Silk which is perfect for events where lots of photos are being snapped) so it is easy to recreate. 

For the eyes, cool-toned palettes which consist of matte and shimmer shades are perfect for creating Allison’s dramatic look. A combination of liquid liner to really define the top lashes and a soft pencil liner to smoke out the lower will really make eyes pop. Strong, but not overly defined brows finish off the eyes. For the cheeks I stuck with palettes and products that create a perfect bronzy glow, but also include golden highlights. To finish the look I went with nudes that are a bit darker - think more Kylie Jenner and less Kim Kardashian when you are picking a nude for this look. 


What was your favorite look from the red carpet on Sunday?

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