eating...these days it's a clean shake for breakfast,  vegetarian salad for lunch, and a Puree juice or tea in the afternoon. Dinner lately has also been vegetarian and I am using this cookbook for recipe ideas. I just made this mushroom and kale stroganoff the other night and it was yummy. 

reading... Wild on the Kindle every night before bed. And did you catch this article in the WSJ? 

watching...just finished watching Transparent on Amazon Prime and anxiously waiting for House of Cards on Netflix in February. 

listening to...well now that Serial is done I need a new podcast to keep me entertained. Check out these 6 Podcasts to fill your Serial void.

dreaming of... going to South Africa...hopefully in December 2015! 

anticipating...this weekend because my entire family is visiting us and I can't wait to host everyone at our home. new Day Designer planner. I feel way more organized and accountable for the things I need to get done each day. 

creating...hmmm this is tricky. I guess I am still trying to make our house feel and look more like a home. The first floor is just about complete and we are about to tackle the interior design of the master suite on the second floor. It's all coming togther-thanks to my friend and interior designer Joanna Abizaid

appreciating...the idea of delegating. With my new crazy work schedule I have to delegate out tasks I no longer have time to do. Thank goodness for my new STYLE'N interns and our afterschool sitter/helper. 

learning...well I am not sure it's exactly learning but I am getting back into yoga. I took a break for a couple of years-just wasn't into it. But I am trying to add some variety into my workouts and giving it a go again. 

celebrating...we just celebrated Ariyana's 7th birthday last weekend in Charleston and this weekend we are celebrating my parents 43rd wedding anniversary.