The Beauty Edit: #1

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Every year, right around this time I begin craving orange/red tones in everything. Whether it’s the tulips I buy for the house, the lipstick I’m going to put on in the morning, or the brightly colored sweater I suddenly have to have in my wardrobe. (If you know me well, you’ll know that I am a very neutral person when it comes to my wardrobe, my house, and a lot of the time my manicures.) It must be something about the cold months that gets me craving this bright, fiery red tone - and at the moment I can’t get enough.

For this particular beauty look I almost always look to the impeccable Alexa Chung - I don’t think anyone can pull off a red lip and cat-flicked eye quite like Ms Chung. Taking advice from the master herself, I find that orange/red tones (worn especially during the daytime) look best when applied straight from the bullet sans lip liner. It gives a lived in, oh I just threw this on and still look amazing vibe.

When the temperature drops, what is your go-to mood booster? Do you love the same orangey/red tones as me or do you crave a different look? 

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